Alcohol Shipping Agreement With Fedex

You need to create your shipping label with a UPS-enabled shipping solution like WorldShip or an approved third-party system like ShippingEasy. Have you ever tasted a delicious local concoction during your holiday and wished you could send something home to enjoy it? We were all there (provided we were beyond the legal drinking age, of course). However, it is not as cut and dry to ship alcohol to the United States as one might think. In most cases, you must obtain liquor shipping licenses and sign contracts with your carrier… and it`s when the courier you choose even allows them to ship alcohol in the first place! Let`s go, shall we? I try to send 6 packets of beer to people all over the country in different markets as gifts. I can do that? Can shipping simply be my delivery method for each market? How can I send beer to consumers or friends across national borders? In summary, the requirements for shipping alcohol with FedEx are: You should be able to send alcohol via UPS or FedEx, provided that you follow each airline`s instructions regarding these types of shipments. I would recommend contactING DIRECTLY UPS and/or FedEx to confirm and receive further information. Your contact pages are linked What you can`t do if you don`t have a liquor shipping license. End of analysis. In addition, if you use packaging that has been used once to carry alcohol, any marking or marking that shows that it might carry alcohol should be covered, or your package may be refused. UPS needs a special label indicating that the package contains alcohol. These can be purchased on UPS. Origin or destination status may require additional tagging.

Weinberg also recommends that you confirm with the distributor or dealer whether taxes should be paid for the product you wish to ship. If so, they should be able to advise you on how they should pay them and how much they will cost you. Finally, “you buy from a serious dealer who knows the ins and outs of the law and who, ideally, has experience in shipping to your destination of your choice,” advises Weinberg.